The poster and DVD cover were designed for a hypothetical Criterion Collection release, allowing me to eschew some of the tropes and technical minutiae found on a theatrical release poster and DVD's.
I started project with sketches of various ideas. I liked the idea of combining the protagonist's head with the camera he uses as both a visual reference to the film plot and as a metaphor for his inhuman disconnection and the camera a means to further his disconnection.
I didn't want to play into cliches of large actor portraits for my cover, so I went with the skull instead of Jake Gyllenhaal's face and kept the idea of a technical schematic of his camera (a Canon XF305), but in a non-exploded view. The main illiustration was drawn by hand in Illustrator then imported into Photoshop for finishing.
I also redesigned the title sequence for Nightcrawler, you can see it here:
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