MRM Design



I was tasked with crafting a typeface by hand using everyday items. I used slices of VHS tape to create monospace letterforms evoking the pixelated on-screen display text of VCR’s and televisions.



This poster was my contribution to the Type Hike project. As a child on a family vacation out west, Petrified Forest National Park left indelible impression on me. The evocative name belies a field of fossilized tree fragments formed millions of years ago. I hope to capture the park's sense of mystery and it's evolution over eon's of time.

A type design created for a promotional contest that asked patrons to submit their stupid, brilliant, or stupidly brilliant ideas that come to you in the early morning at a bar or greasy spoon. Made in a the hazy neon glow of a 24-hour diner or the window of the local watering hole.